For Ukrainian doctors

1. How to work as a doctor in the Czech Republic

(information for other healthcare professions at point 5 below)

A brief guide

If you want to work as a doctor, dentist or pharmacist in the Czech Republic, you must complete the following two steps:

  1. Nostrification – Have your university degree(s) recognised (“nostrified”). This can be done at any university; instructions for how to do it at Charles University can be found in Czech and English  here. You will usually need to provide your degree certificate(s) and transcript(s). Women who have married since receiving their degree(s) must also present their marriage certificate.
    Newly, if you hold temporary protection or a special long term visa:
    a. you will not be charged any fee for the nostrification process.
    b. degrees issued between 6.6.1972 and 27.2.2000 (inclusive) are automatically recognised and no nostrification process is required.
    c. If you do not have your degree certificate(s) or transcript(s), you may replace these with a declaration.
  2. Once your university qualifications have been recognised, you can then begin the procedures for specialisation.
    Specializations from non-EU countries are not recognised, but a request can be made for the pre-attestation preparation period to be shortened.

  3. Complete the approbation – exams and practical residency. The approbation has three parts:
    1. Written tests of your specialist knowledge and relevant legislation. These tests are in Czech.
      On successful completion of the written tests, you will receive approval to complete a practical residency at an accredited institution (inpatient hospital – see below).
    2. b. Practical residency – this involves practising under supervision at a hospital for six months; you may be required to work in several departments.
      A list of accredited institutions where such residencies can be arranged is here: part 1 part 2
    3. Oral examination

After this your university degree is acknowledged and you can start the training for the specialization.
Your specialization from countries outside EU are not acknowledged, you can apply for the shoter traning.

Further details are available on the website of the Association of Foreign Doctors – Doctor Čechov – in Czech, Ukrainian and Russian
And also in their video guide on YouTube in Russian

The Human Resources Center Pilsen Region (whose services cover the whole country) can assist you free of charge with the nostrification process and subsequently finding a hospital placement.
Contact (in Czech or Russian): Martina Faitová faitová faitová

You can also register your contact details in the Doctor Čechov Association’s database – this enables the association to better organise the placement of Ukrainian healthcare professionals – by clicking here

Information on the IPVZ website

The Institute for Postgraduate Education of Health Professionals has an official website for Ukrainian health professionals including videos with informations about the Czech health systemin Czech or in Ukrainian.

Information on the Umímepeč website

You can also find a summary of information for health professionals on Website – Czech or Ukrainian
This website also has a job offers for health professionals

Help for the ukrainian GPs

GPs from Ukraine can use the offer from Společnost všeobecného lékařství (Czech GP’s society), which offers the subsidy for the Czech GPs who employ the ukainian doctor – The SVL offer – project Ukraine – in Czech

Information from the Ministry of Health – only in Czech

Information from the Ministry of Health

You can also find information and help on the website of the Contact Center of the National Center for Nursing and Non-Medical Health Professions in Czech, Ukrainian or Russian.

Information from the Ministry of Education – only in Czech

Details of the Approbation process – IPVZ – only in Czech

Legislation regarding the recognition of qualifications and approbation for doctors, dentists and pharmacists

část osmá zákona č. 95/2004 Sb., paragraf č. 34, ve znění pozdějších předpisů
vyhláška č. 117/2018 Sb., o zkušebním řádu aprobační zkoušky.

Practical residencies for approbation
Residencies must be at approved healthcare service providers, which have valid authorization to provide inpatient care in the relevant field.

2. Where to look for a job – job ads and talent databases

Online questionnaire for finding work incl. in the medical professions
Website with job offers and talent offers for Ukrainians
Workania website
UA jobs website

3. Czech for healthcare professionals

Czech textbook for healthcare professionals – free to download

Czech textbooks for healthcare professionals – Talking Medicine (Iveta Čermáková) – available to purchase here or as an e-book

An overview of other Czech textbooks can be found here

You can also find on-line medical Czech courses at the web of the Center for foreigners integration, they also offer help with diploma nostrification, approbation tests and with job finding

4. For university students and lecturers from Ukraine

Charles University website in Czech and Ukrainian a or in English – in Russian and English

5. For other healthcare professions – information about recognition of qualifications, from the Ministry of Health

in Czech/a>
in Ukrainian
in Russian
– newly you can temporally work without the diploma nostrification – you can apply for the “povolení k výkonu odborné praxe” (permission to practice)
– the permission is valid 3 months – meanwhile you can ask for the nostrification of the diploma
– then you can apply for the permission to practice for 1 year, you can apply twice – for 2 years altogether